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Healing Justice Transformative Leadership Institute (The Institute)

The Healing Justice Transformative Leadership Institute is committed to building individual and collective healing, transformation, and liberation. We hope to do this by developing a pipeline of emerging healing justice leaders committed to individual and collective radical healing, transformation, and liberation using radical healing, transformative justice, and healing justice approaches.


Our work seeks to develop an anti-racist social justice workforce and increase investment, training, and peer mentorship of emerging healing justice leaders of color in social justice. We have developed an infographic that demonstrates the problem and how we plan to solve it. Check it out!

We are anchored in our core values of:

  1. Embodied Safety and Community

  2. Awareness, Analysis, and Vision

  3. Healing Justice and Radical Healing Skills and Strategies

  4. Social Action, Transformation and Liberation

By creating a healing justice community of practice, we aim to increase cross-sector collaboration working to advance the multi-level eradication of structural racism, violence, and intersecting oppressions.

Prototype Curriculum (3).png

Help us build our capacity for collective healing and donate to our

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