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Do you want to explore, re-member, and re-connect to your ancestral, spiritual, and cultural healing practices?


I help women of color
re-member & re-connect
to their own


I am a Brujandera and healing-centered coach and have explored spiritual activism and ancestral healing as a way to further both personal and collective healing.


Your path is your own. My approach is attuned to your individual journey. I will guide and support you to connecting with your intuition and personal power. Your magic is already there!

I support women of color as they re-connect to their cultural and ancestral healing practices. I provide greater insight to the emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that have created a disconnection from their inner power and a misalignment with their true essence.

Are you looking for a community of women who are committed to holding a safe space for exploration, integration, re-membrance, and re-connection to ancestral, spiritual and healing practices?  Let's work together!


KLBRI is a grassroots organization and fiscal project of Los Angeles Indigenous People's Alliance (LAIPA). The mission of the institute is to uplift and sustain advocates and leaders through an ecosystem of care, well-being, and healing.


Wild Luna Botanicals is a self-care wellness brand where healing and magic come together. All products are handmade with intentions, affirmations, ancestral healing, and Brujita Magic.


Xinachtli is a gender-responsive, culturally-based rites of passage philosophy, process and curriculum that promotes healing, resilience and leadership capacity of Indigenous, Chicana, and Latina cis and trans girls and non-binary youth.

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